Athlete of the Month

November 2021

SHAWN MCGEHEEs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Visit my non-local family more. CAREER GOALS: Continue to build my team and expand our BI offerings. HEALTH GOALS: Keep up my consistent workouts and get kipping pullups. TRAVEL GOALS: Finally get to take the Hawaii vaca...

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October 2021

SINDY VIGILs success story


FAMILY GOALS: To save enough money to either have a baby or adopt a baby with Jeiny. HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS: To be consistent with all the healthy habits I have built, and to keep learning everyday to master any CrossFit move. CAREER GOALS...

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September 2021

JEREMIAH CRUZANs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Does having more dogs count? HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS: Keep up with these youngsters until my knees finally give out. CAREER GOALS: I recently changed career paths...fingers crossed it works out. TRAVEL GOALS: Camping at Yellowsto...

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August 2021

DANA WAGNERs success story


FAMILY GOALS:  See my family at lease twice a year HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS: Be health conscious but focused on overall wellness. Backsquat :200 lbs, Run a sub 20min 3 mile, learn how to Handstand walk, the list goes on.... CAREER GOALS: Earn the r...

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July 2021

Brandon Hartleys success story

Brandon Hartley

FAMILY GOALS: keep being a awesome father and husband! HEALTH AND FITNESS: double unders and muscle ups CAREER GOALS: get my PMP (Project Management) Certificate TRAVEL GOALS: Appalachian Trail run/hike Word to live by- Get busy livin...

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June 2021

KESTREL KUHNEs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Make time to visit and catch up to those close to me. CAREER GOALS: Kick booty in flight school! HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS: Get muscle-ups. RX workouts more consistently. TRAVEL GOALS: Travel to Japan before the end of th...

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May 2021

ERIC ALLENs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Always put family before work. Be the best husband to Emily. Raise kids to be the best adults they can be.    HEALTH & FITNESS Gymat least 4days/week. Get better at bike. RX all WODs   CAREER GOALS Avoid b...

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April 2021

JEINY GUTIERREZs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Currently my Wife and I have two fur babies and my next family goal is to have a little human baby with her.   HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS: Keep staying healthy, hitting new PR's, getting better at ALL gymnastic movements (mo...

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March 2021

ALISTAIR MCKENZIEs success story


FAMILY GOALS: To be there, Always. CARERR GOALS: Raise the $$ for Belmont Hall. HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS: Double unders and Handstands TRAVEL GOALS: Get back to Sweden WORDS TO LIVE BY: Be curious, Always....

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February 2021

ANNIE DESTEFANOs success story


FAMILY GOALS: Instill healthy habits; clean eating and exercise as part of our routine. CAREER GOALS: Earn that flight suit. HEALTH AND FINTESS GOALS: Feel confident in my own body. TRAVEL GOALS: Go. Anywhere. (but mostly Disney World) Words t...

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December 2020

ANDREW TUTTENs success story


FAMILY GOALS: See mom and dad when possible (thanks COVID). Spend more time with my siblings, nieces, and nephews. CAREER GOALS: Achieve longevity in my current position. Long term plan would be to move into management. HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS: Los...

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November 2020

DEBBIE HITCHCOCKs success story


FAMILY GOALS: More fur babies! HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS: Lift heavy, consume less. CAREER GOALS: Work hard, play harder TRAVEL GOALS: Coast Rica WORDS TO LIVE BY: "Integrity is everything"  ...

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July 2020

Barbara Gailes success story

Barbara Gaile

Family Goals: Happiness with my husband of 52 years. Help raise my grandchildren. Career Goals: After 30 years in school nutrition; retired to relax and have fun! Health and Fitness Goals: Being part of the Silver Foxes is awesome! Goals-stay health...

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June 2020

Emily Allens success story

Emily Allen

Family Goals? Be present for all the big moments and make it through the teenage years. Travel Goals? Family trip to Australia. Visit Germany and Italy in the next 18 months. Career Goals? Partially retire by 50. Go on at least 1 medical mission tr...

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April 2020

Pete Baileys success story

Pete Bailey

Pete and Ashley joined Revolt after coming back from the Panama City Beach area and we love having them be a part of our family. Pete loves to cut it up and have Tiy cheer him on during workouts....

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