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July 2020

Barbara Gailes success story

Barbara Gaile

Family Goals: Happiness with my husband of 52 years. Help raise my grandchildren. Career Goals: After 30 years in school nutrition; retired to relax and have fun! Health and Fitness Goals: Being part of the Silver Foxes is awesome! Goals-stay health...

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June 2020

Emily Allens success story

Emily Allen

Family Goals? Be present for all the big moments and make it through the teenage years. Travel Goals? Family trip to Australia. Visit Germany and Italy in the next 18 months. Career Goals? Partially retire by 50. Go on at least 1 medical mission tr...

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April 2020

Pete Baileys success story

Pete Bailey

Pete and Ashley joined Revolt after coming back from the Panama City Beach area and we love having them be a part of our family. Pete loves to cut it up and have Tiy cheer him on during workouts....

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