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I am obsessed with personal development, and it comes from my passion to help others to become better versions of themselves. I believe that everyone wants to be better than they were yesterday, and no one wants to remain stagnant. However, what separates the achievers from those who don’t achieve is their willingness to do something about their current circumstance. When I see others setting goals and working towards achieving something meaningful, it inspires me to know that I can possibly help them to achieve.


As a coach you can expect positivity from me at all times. I understand that negativity runs rampant in our society, so I take it as my responsibility to intentionally bring positivity during our time together. You can also expect me to actively listen to what goals, or problems you may have, so that I can be an effective resource for you. In addition, I understand that motivation does run out, but I believe strongly in developing discipline through accountability so you can expect me to hold you accountable to achieving the goals that you set for yourself. Lastly, you can expect me to push you, pull you, and pick you up all when necessary.


For me, the catalyst for resilience, and growth came from my personal struggle with my mental health. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2015 as a freshman in college, and it took everything in me not to quit, and to find peace and positivity during that struggle. There were days when I did not want to and ‘felt’ like I physically could not get out of bed to workout, but I continued to find the mental fortitude to get my butt up and make my way to the CrossFit box. CrossFit continues to play a major role in my growth and development. By being part of the Revolt Fitness family I am excited to work with others who are actively working on themselves, and I am looking forward to learning and applying leadership and effective communication skills.

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