CF-L2 Coach


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
  • Lesson Planning Certificate
  • Masters Certificate
  • Scaling Certificate
  • Weightlifting Certificate
  • Precision Nutrition L1



I am here because I have seen that CrossFit has this ability to give people the strength, confidence, and camaraderie to achieve goals that were otherwise thought too difficult or impossible.
I want to show people that it doesn’t matter when you start your fitness journey, it only matters
that you take that first step and find people that will help you stick to your path.


You can expect me to be energetic and dedicated in making your hour with us the best hour of
your day. You can also expect me to show and demonstrate techniques to the best of my abilities. I believe in practical knowledge, I wouldn’t ask you to do something I have not done or aren’t
working on myself. My commitment to learning and growing as an individual will benefit you! Any knowledge that I gain will be utilized in helping you accomplish any of your goals.


Raise your hand if you were NOT a highschool athlete. This girl, right here. My fitness journey didn’t really come into fruition until I hit my 30s. Before that I had done the obligatory school fitness regime. And the usual “new years resolution that lasts maybe 3 months” scenario. A few years into my 30s and my husband had finally talked me into trying out CrossFit.

I fell in love.

Every day I was presented with different movements, intensity levels, and challenges. AND I
didn’t have to plan it out myself?? Yes, sign me up, please! With that daily variance, I was able to watch myself become better over time with each new challenge I was given. I learned to persevere through tough workouts and make myself show up on days even when I didn’t feel like it. I made friends and became a part of a community that felt
like a family. I want everyone to have that chance to feel accomplished, stronger, and included.
So in 2018 I got my Level 1 certification so I can help people reach similar conclusions of the advantages of CrossFit. If you want to learn and grow within an awesome community, stop in and give us that chance to show you!

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