Is Personal Training for You?

There are many great reasons to think about personal training with one of the coaches at Revolt. If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t reaching your goals (whether you are seeking to lose weight, improve your performance at crossfit, or build strength), there are a few ways personal training might be able to help.

  • Evaluate your current program: By looking at what you’re already doing at Revolt, we can suggest ways to change or tweak your workouts to make them more efficient and effective. The more personalized your fitness routine is, the better results will be.
  • Examine your goals: We recently sent an email for progress meetings with your coach at Revolt. If you took advantage of this, awesome! If you want t schedule your progress meeting you still can and we want you to, it’s free! We can help you set some goals that are realistic and how to achieve them.
  • Help you stay motivated: Knowing you have an appointment with your personal coach can help you stay disciplined maintain motivation to exercise.
  • Push you a little harder: People often don’t see results because they’re not working as hard as they could. Having someone to challenge you (and cheer you on) can make a difference.
  • Hold you accountable: Your personal coach can help you set weekly goals, then check in on a regular basis to see how you’re doing.
  • Teach you: Whether you want to learn how to do certain movements better, gain a new skill or how to do a new exercise, your coach can help by giving you 1 on 1 coaching for an entire session.

It may be that you are getting results—just not in the way you expected. You might be gaining muscle and losing fat, changing your body composition while your weight stays constant, for instance. Our coaches strive to see your situation more clearly from the outside and offer you a new perspective.

If you are interested in personal training and want to learn more chat with one of the coaches at Revolt.