New Site, Who Dis?

Obstacles or Opportunities?

Glass half empty or half full?

How ever you break it down your mindset will drive the show.

These are unprecedented times. The lessons learned from this emergency will serve to either break us or strengthen our resolution to be better. We can either choose to be better than the challenges we face or succumb to them.

In conversation the other day someone mentioned that we simply, “have to survive” these difficult times. I rather find ways to thrive during this challenge.

Yes, we did have to shut the doors to Revolt for the time being. You have responded to this setback with enthusiasm and support. Neither of which surprised me and both of which are appreciated more than we can possibly say.

We are going to continue to work to be better than this challenge and when we are given the green light we will be going full speed ahead.


As you may have already heard, Revolt Fitness will be offering 24/7 access as of our re-opening. This is meant to give every one of you the opportunity to stay fit and get sweaty regardless of what your schedule looks like. Get with Coach Kat to set up your access.

We also have a new logo…

A new website


And a few more surprises you’ll just have to wait for….. 🙂


We will continue to look for every opportunity to deliver an even better experience for each of you. To motivate you to be your best self and have fun with the rest of the Revolt family.

Thank you for your support, we are blessed to have you.

And remember, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

Kat and Omar

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