Ready to lift big weights and break personal records?

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

Get the caching you need to hit new PR's

Three days focusing on the Olympic lifts

with a Mock meet on the 4th Day!

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Get your Olympic Lifting Program back up to Speed



The snatch aids in increased balance, mobility, core stability, and overall coordination



The clean provides increased power, body awareness, and overall strength.



The jerk provides increased power, body awareness, and overall strength in the overhead position.


Get expert coaching!

The Olympic lifts are some of the best and most techinical movements for us to master. They are unparalled in generating power and increasing proprioception.

We have the winning formula to help YOU!

Coach Taylor will run the seminar breaking these complex lifts into easy to learn and practice sections.

USAW L1, Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1, CF-L1

Each Class will focus on 1 lift:




The final Saturday we will hold a mock Olympic Weightlifting meet to put it all together and lift some heavy weight!

It's your time.

Let's perfect our technique and be at our very best.

The Olympic Weightlifting Seminar will be 4 weeks long consisting of:

Start Date August 7th - August 28th

Saturday 10-11am CST

Revolt Fitness

1102 N 9th Avenue Pensacola, FL 32583


Cost is $25 for Revolt Fitness Members or $50 for non Revolt Fitness Members

Cost for Olympic Meet only is $25


Each Saturday we will focus on ONE Olympic lift such as the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. The final Saturday we will have our very first Revolt Olympic meet so we can see how far we have progressed!


Now that 2020 is in the books it's time to get back to our Olympic lifting program!

Put this past year behind you and get back to work on hitting some amazing new PRs.

Start with our Olympic Weightlifting seminar to get you going.

Provide some basic info and we'll get right back to you.

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