Where to Start?

If you have ever walked into a Globo Gym and stared around the place without any idea as to what to do next, then you are not alone. We’re not born knowing how to exercise, or how to design a complete program that includes cardio, resistance training, intervals and mobility which specific exercises to do for each of those, and how to fit it into a busy life schedule. Facing this first task can be so overwhelming that many don’t ever take the first step.

The coaches at Revolt Fitness can help you with the basics. We help you every step of the way be designing workouts based on frequency, intensity time, and type of workout and manipulate these elements over time. We can help you navigate the process every step of the way, which includes:

  • Suggesting activities that work for your body, schedule, and available equipment
  • Helping you figure out how hard to work during exercise and how to monitor your exercise intensity
  • Showing you how to choose exercises, weights, reps, and sets
  • Using different tools (such as a heart rate monitor or activity tracker) to enhance your workouts
  • Teaching you how to get the most out of your workout, while also making sure you don’t overdo it

You have made the decision to get fit and improve your health. Let us help you get started by teaching you the right way to exercise to avoid injury and maximize results.

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