Your Fitness Tracker Can Help You Lose Weight

With so many fitness trackers on the market it may seem daunting to finding which one will work best for you. They each have their own pros and cons with varying degrees of effectiveness. They can help you set goals, track sleep and heart rate. Some go even further and track mood, to which extent of accuracy is to be determined. While the features of these devices continues to grow there is one specific feature that can truly help you in losing weight, tracking your calories consumed and calories burnt.

Losing weight can be a challenging task with many winding roads that lead to dead ends. So much information on the internet and fad diets can lead to frustration and weight gain rather than the intended result. Without getting into the benefits of certain ‘diets’ over others we will focus on the math of losing 1 pound.

Using a broad stroke of 500 calorie daily deficit to equal a 3500 calorie deficit for the week. 3500 calories happens to be the equivalent of 1 lb of body fat. Now I say here that this is a broad brush stroke simply because we are not taking into account, gender, size, fitness levels and so on. All of these details do matter and when taken into account will help in the task of losing weight.

So where does my fitness tracker come into play?

Well simply put, if we can track the calories being consumed on a daily basis and subtract the calories being burnt then we hopefully create a healthy deficit that will result in natural weight loss. While the calories that need to be consumed will be different for each of us and how many calories our bodies burn will also vary, a deficit will result in body fat being lost. Couple the right nutrition plan with a fitness program that allows you to maximize the calories your are burning and you will be on the your way.

Well how many calories should I be burning?

It depends on many variables and a nutrition consultant would best be able to assist in specializing a plan for you to properly lose weight in a natural and healthy manner. So get your fitness trackers ready for the next challenge at Revolt Fitness.

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